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Meet the team

Agri-footprint® LCA database has been developed by
an enthusiastic team of food LCA experts from Blonk Consultants.

Hans Blonk


Bart Durlinger

Product Development Manager

Mike van Paassen

Data & model specialist

Nicolò Braconi

Data & model specialist


David Wichmann

Data & model specialist

Laura Wolf

Sales consultant

Meike van de Wouw

Marketing & Communication

Blonk Consultants

Giving shape to sustainability

Agri-footprint is an initiative of Blonk Consultants. Blonk Consultants helps companies, governments and civil society organisations put sustainability into practice. We provide clear, specific advice based on sound, independent research. Our consultants are dedicated to our mission, to serving our clients and to ensuring that outcomes can be effectively put into practice.


Agri-footprint | Blonk Consultants

Agri-footprint | Blonk Consultants


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