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Let’s meet at LCA Food 2016

The team of Blonk Consultants & Agri-footprint® will be present at LCA Food Conference 2016 in Dublin. We are happy to meet you and share our knowledge about Agri-footprint®, the latest developments […]
expert life cycle assessment

Training: LCA in agricultural- and food products

Blonk Consultants organises a two day Life Cycle Assessment training, focused on agricultural and food products. This training is a perfect start to gain a better understanding of LCA. Additionally, we offer […]

The contribution of capital goods in agricultural LCAs

The aim of life cycle assessment (LCA) studies is to model a product’s life-cycle as completely as possible, in order to make accurate calculations. This comprehensiveness makes a study time-consuming and extensive. […]
Comparison environmental impacts beef meat

Food PEFCRs and the need for consistent secondary databases such as Agri-footprint®

In 2014, the second wave of 11 PEF food pilots started, which involves food product groups such as red meat, dairy, beer, wine, pasta. Blonk Consultants supports the development of three pilots […]

Agri-footprint®: a keystone database for sustainable food worldwide

Worldwide, about 25% of all life cycle assessments are related to the agri-food sector. Good databases such as Agri-footprint therefore have a substantial impact. Agri-footprint has been available to the LCA community […]
Agri-footprint 2.0

Major update of Agri-footprint®: the keystone for sustainable food world-wide

We are proud to announce that Agri-footprint 2.0 is now available in SimaPro. In the last months Agri-footprint has been updated extensively. Several products, implementation of various methodologies and updated cultivation and […]